Black Desert Online’s Kamasylvia Update is LIVE

Black Desert Online’s Kamasylvia Update is LIVE

Black Desert Online’s Kamasylvia Update is now LIVE along with the many events currently being hosted.

1. Kamasylvia Opening Event

Get Steppe Seals by killling monsters, then craft Kamasylvia Boxes using simple Alchemy. Once you have gathered 20 Meadow Trails and 20 Kamasylvia Boxes, you can then craft one Shiny Kamasylvia Box which may grant you Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Tungrad Earring as well as some other high-grade rewards.

2. Golden Treasure Chest

Every 60 minutes of the day will bring special prizes. Up to 5 hours of playtime will land you a Sealed Golden Treasure Chest, 5 Black Stone (Armor), 2 Memory Fragment, 1 Hard Black Crystal Shard and 1 Gold Key.

3. Grow Kamasylve Tree

Grow Kamasylve trees, for a special Gift of Spirit box that can drop rare items!

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