Blade & Soul Secrets of the Stratus Expansion Coming Next Week

Blade & Soul Secrets of the Stratus Expansion Coming Next Week

Blade & Soul is getting a new expansion next week on April 12th, in Europe and North America. This update is NCSoft’s most ambitious expansions and brought a significant revamp to the game.

The ‘Secret of the Stratus’ expansion will bring plenty of new changes to the game. The skill system is much easier to navigate due to the overhaul and at the same time allowing players the same degree of customization as before.

What’s New?

The ‘Secrets of the Stratus’ expansion also brings Act VII of the main story and several new PVE areas to the game.

  • Naryu Sanctum – Dungeon runs for six players.
  • Celestial Basin  – For solo players, Heavenly Peaches currency is awarded after completing a number of tasks. Currency can be used to purchase legendary items.
  • Mushin’s Tower – Also knows as ‘The Tower of Trials’, contains 20 floors of challenges for solo player.
  • Insta-50 & Hongmoon Level 20 – Players can purchase voucher and instantly create a new level 50 character with this service.

This instant level service is useful to new players and veteran players who are looking to try a new class or getting back into the game.

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