Blade & Soul Server Consolidation and Upcoming New Class

Blade & Soul Server Consolidation and Upcoming New Class

Blade & Soul has recently updated the producer’s letter by Jonathan Lien highlighting some of the events taking place for the past year and also what players can anticipate in the near future. One of them being server consolidation which will fall on August 9th.

To help all players have the ability to experience the new raids, we are consolidating servers on August 9. This will affect both North American and European servers—the end result being that all players will be transferred to two realms for North America (Yura and Zulia) and three for Europe (Jinsoyun, Eisenherz, and Naksun). We’ll have more details in the next few days, but to prepare for this, we’ll be disabling server transfers after the July 26 maintenance.

Additionally, some of the upcoming updates include:

  • European Regional Championships at gamescom on August 24th
  • North America Regional Championships to follow at PAX West on September 3rd
  • Fortune Falls update: New event dungeon, swimsuit set and upgrade materials
  • Dark Origins update in August: Two new high level raids and story quests, a new dungeon, systems updates, new gear and cosmetics.


Also mentioned is “…a new class on the horizon” although no further details is revealed for the time being. Read more about this at Blade & Soul website.


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