Clash Royale Draft Challenge Event Starts Today

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Event Starts Today

Clash Royale is releasing yet another challenge to the game today, a repeat of an older event which has a different name to it. Supercell added the Draft Challenge, which is previously known as the Crown Duel Challenge.

In this challenge, you’ll get to pick one out of two random cards until you have a total of four cards. The interesting thing in all this is that the cards that are not picked by you will be added to your opponent’s deck, while your opponent’s unpicked cards goes to yours.

Players will need to pay 10 gems or 100 gems to participate in a Draft Challenge, just like the Standard Classic and Grand Challenges. Classic Draft Challenge rewards up to 2000 gold and 100 cards, while the Grand Draft Challengers will receive a staggering 22,000 gold coins and 1,100 cards.

Every time you join a Draft Challenge, you must pay up with gems. The first round ain’t free though, unlike Supercell’s previous challenges.

You can compete against clanmates and friends in a Friendly Battle from January 19th and January 23rd, and between 20th January and January 23rd, the Classic Draft Challenge will cost 10 gems, and the Grand Draft Challenge will consume 100 gems.

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