G2G New Theme Goes LIVE

G2G New Theme Goes LIVE

For the past year, our dev team has been working tirelessly to bring you a fresh new G2G marketplace experience. We have revamped pretty much the whole site with a new feel and look, more user friendly interface, and best of all, you’re now able to customize the user profile with your very own avatar and banner.

G2G marketplace is also created with mobile users in mind, and the display is optimize for mobile device and tablet view so that gamers are able to transact while on the go.

Check out some of the new features and changes we have compiled below:

For all users

1.       User profile page (buyer and seller) changes:
1.1     Buyer can now enter new profile name, while seller’s existing profile name will remain unchanged. Buyer’s profile name will automatically become seller name (and cannot be changed) when buyer sign up as a seller.
1.2      Allow user to upload own avatar.
1.3      Allow user to upload own banner.
1.4      Allow user to enter their own caption and ‘about us’ section.
1.5      Allow user to choose their preferred language, currency and location.
2.        Main Page changes:
2.1      Top sellers of the week – will based on total sales amount.
2.2      Recommended listing
3.        New ‘Follower and following’ feature that will be displayed in user profile, top sellers and product details pages.
4.        Years of service (since the user join date)
5.        New set of icons for services, seller ranking and buyer ranking.
6.        Simplified order rating mechanics from satisfied/dissatisfied to using only thumbs up/down using the following logic:
–          If overall impression is positive (regardless of star rating) = thumbs up
–          After averaging the star rating, 3 star above (regardless of overall impression is positive or negative) = thumbs up
–          The rest = thumbs down
7.        New product details page.
8.        Support mobile and tablet view.
9.      Simplified seller store and user profile link:
–          User profile – https://www.g2g.com/username
–          Seller store – https://www.g2g.com/username/store
10.      Replace pagination with ‘Load more’ in product listing for easier navigation by mobile/tablet users.
11.      Added new circle progress bar for seller profession icons.

For sellers

1.       Easier to create High Level Account listing by removing upload game info image.
2.       Sellers can now upload up to 10 images for each listing.

Got any feedback or suggestions? Send them to feedback@g2g.com or join our discussion forum here!
Happy shopping!

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