Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Adds New Progression Levels, Loot Chests And New Heroes

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Adds New Progression Levels, Loot Chests And New Heroes

Heroes of the Storm will receive a major overhaul and upgrades to its leveling and reward systems – along with a brand new character. The update is critical enough for Blizzard to call it “Heroes of the Storm 2.0”.

The MOBA will now feature no level cap for either player or hero levels and reward loot chests for every player level reached. Once a player reaches a level milestones, chests with guaranteed rarer items are given and hero level milestones will provide chests with items specifically catered for that hero.

Existing players’ XP will probably be converted to the new level system, with all the right amount of loot chests and rewards and loot chests given to them instantly.

Chests may include complete playable heroes, which in the past is unlockable through in-game or actual money. Blizzard has also created several new kinds of cosmetic item, which can be unlocked through loot chests.

  • Announcer voice packs
  • Hero voice lines
  • Emoji packs for chat window
  • War Banners
  • Sprays
  • Player portraits

The Heroes of the Storm 2.0 will include additional currencies like the new Shards and Gems which can be acquired with cash or earned through progression.

The new ranged assassin hero, Cassia, and battleground are set to unlock on April 17th. There’s also a second hero reveal scheduled for May 4th and fans might be getting Genji from Overwatch.

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