Journey to Un’Goro is Hearthstone’s Next New Expansion

Journey to Un’Goro is Hearthstone’s Next New Expansion

Blizzard has revealed the latest expansion pack for Hearthstone, Journey to Un’Goro, which will launch in early April and also coincides with the beginning of the next standard year of Hearthstone, Year of the Mammoth.

The video introduced the assortment of new cards which includes the Volcano, a five mana Shaman card which deals random 15 damage split to all minions. The Mage’s Pyros is a 2 mana 2/2 card and when it dies, the card will return to your hand as a 6 mana 6/6. If you played Pyros and it dies again, its stats will increase up to 10 mana 10/10 card, which is costly to use.

journey to ungoro

Another brand new type of card is called the Quest card. These Legendary cards cost one mana to summon and will always start in your opening hand. The quests are difficult to complete and your opponent will be able to see the quest as well. If you manage to complete the quest, the rewards are incredibly powerful and worth your effort.

hearthstone quest card

One of the quest example is the Awaken the Makers quest. This quest upon completion will reward you with Amara, Warden of Hope, a five mana, 8/8 card with the Taunt ability called Battlecry that increases your hero’s health to 40.

There are 135 new cards in Journey to Un’Goro and Blizzard will release more details on these cards starting March 17th.

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