Overwatch players can now visit Junkertown

Overwatch players can now visit Junkertown

Overwatch’s latest update which include a new map Junkertown and major changes to characters such as Mercy and D.va is now live on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Junkertown is the hometown of Roadhog and Junkrat, featuring an Australian-based playgrond for the Escort gametype.

D.Va will be getting a new ability called the Micro Missiles and her Defense Matrix ability will now be depleted twice as fast. On the other hand, Mercy will be getting a new Ultimate called Valkyrie which temporarily enhances her weapons and abilities for 20 seconds,  while Resurrect will now be a single target ability.

First introduced during Gamescom, it was eventually released on PTR at the end of August before finally going LIVE on all platforms.

Junkertown is located in the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback. Constructed from the remains of a destroyed omnium, it’s now the home to a band of lawless scavengers known as the Junkers, led by their cutthroat Queen. When they aren’t pillaging the omnium’s skeleton for anything of value, the Junkers blow off steam in the Scrapyard—a massive gladiatorial arena whose combatants fight for glory, riches… and to survive.

Read more about the patch note at Overwatch website.

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