Tencent’s Arena of Valor available now in Europe

Tencent’s Arena of Valor available now in Europe

Tencent’s division Proxima Beta  has launched its popular MOBA mobile game Arena of Valor in Europe and it is now available for download in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Also known as Honor of Kings in China, the game has already achieved notable success in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and leading the download charts in both Android and iOS platforms, with 55 million players in China alone.

Similar to MOBA like League of Legends, Arena of Valor uses the classic 3-lane maps, but it’s been optimize for mobile. The matches usually last less than 10 minutes, which appeals to players on the go. There are different modes including 5v5, 3v3, and even 1v1.

Gamer’s skill plays a major part in Arena of Valor, rather than the amount of money invested. Developers at Tencent aimed to create a MOBA in which the prowess on the battlefield will decide the outcome of a game. Hence most of heroes can be unlocked via in-game currency earned by playing the game and completing quests. Also worth mentioning is that the soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer himself.

Visit Arena of Valor official site for more information.

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