Tera: Secrets and Shadows Updates

Get ready – the Tera’s Secrets & Shadows update is coming on May 17, 2016. The update is set to change the way players view Tera forever. The long-awaited update will bring about a lot of changes to the game – and it’s going to be epic.

What’s new?

Let’s find out what Secrets and Shadows has in store for players.

tera ninja

Ninja Class

Ninjas are deadly. Harnessing inner Chi, Ninjas offer explosive, devastating attacks. Dealing damage with oversized shurikens, they attack without warning. Agile as a cat, Ninjas are able to disorient their opponents and strike without hesitation.

Placing a decoy jutsu allows Ninjas to distract enemies while teleporting behind them for a deadly attack.

Jumping out of the shadows, a Ninja’s foes are cut down before they have a chance to defend themselves. Skilled Ninjas can disguise themselves as other players, toss bombs, throw iron spikes, throw fireballs, stun opponents, protect their party with smoke bombs, and dive from the skies to deliver a fiery attack that will obliterate their foes.

Ninjas are nothing short of epic, and the Ninjas of Tera are fearless, deadly and walk in the shadows.

tera online

In the Shadow of Fate

“It isn’t over,” warned Dakuryon, but we didn’t believe the words that left his evil mouth. And we’re going to pay the price in the Shadow of Fate. Dakuryon is back, and he is:

  • Stronger
  • Crazier
  • Dangerous
  • Deadlier

Creating a perfect world, Dakuryon is back with a vengeance. The blood magic that Dakuryon was hidden well in his secret lab. Trying to achieve “perfection,” Dakuryon is going to give players nightmares as he brings their friends back from the dead with the greatest torment that Tera has ever experienced.

Demokron Factory

A 7-player raid dungeon has been added for the toughest, most skilled level 65 characters. A mindless monstrosity waits as two unstoppable foes stand in your way in the secret production facilities where Verno and a giant crab await.

Shadow Sanguinary

Dakuryon returns in the Shadow Sanguinary. This 5-player dungeon brings the evil mastermind back to life in a way we’ve never seen before. Pure evil, he has created abominations that have been built from living rock and stole the power from the Dream to infuse his creations with unmatched power.

Players will need to enter the Shadow Sanguinary with the game’s best gear if they hope to make it out alive.

Dakuryon is hell-bent on the total destruction of Tera and the Valkyon Federation.

tera celestial arena

Celestial Arena

Tired of finding groups to help you with dungeons? Want to get gear on your own and test your skills? The Celestial Arena allows players to become arena masters. And this is one challenge that will turn Tera upside down.

Players (level 65) will be able to enter into this single-player dungeon and test their might.

The masters of the arena will pit players against 12 waves of random monsters that need to be slain in succession if you want to overcome the Celestial Arena. And the mobs you face will be completely random, so you’ll never be able to prepare for the combat ahead.

You’ll need to trust your gear and whit as a player to be able to overcome the challenges that await in the Celestial Arena.

tera mount

Take to the Skies With Flying Mounts

Tired of traversing Tera on ground mounts? So is the rest of the player base. But Tera’s developers have something magical in store with the Secrets and Shadow update: flying mounts.

Players have been asking to take to the skies for years, and now you can.

But it’s not as easy as buying a mount and lifting off. There is a massive level 65 questline that needs to be completed before you’re granted the privilege of flying. There are “free-fly” zones where you can view the beauty of Tera from the skies.

You’ll even be able to see the devastation that is taking place on the Island of Dawn from above.

Fly on horses, lions and other epic mounts as you take to the sky in Tera.

tera secrets shadows

Extras Await

There are a slew of other major developments that are being released in Tera: Secrets and Shadows. Players will be able to:

  • Get an Additional Character Slot: Log into Tera between now and May 31 and get an additional character slot added to your account, so you can play a Ninja on your favorite server.
  • Ninja Achievements: Titles and achievements are available for characters that reach 30, 58, 60 and 65 within just 24 hours.
  • Events: Ninjas that are able to reach 65 will also be part of the new leveling event, which ends on June 6. The event will offer a costume and weapon skin to players.
  • Hard Modes: The Demokron Factory and Shadow Sanguinary will start off with normal modes available only, but hard modes will be launched one week after on May 24 during maintenance.
  • Crusade Season Changes: Immediate changes will be made to Crusade Season, with the season being changed to Kalivan’s Dreadnaught and Abscess – both hard. The next season will begin on May 24 and include both new dungeon hard modes: Demokron Factory and Shadow Sanguinary.

If you haven’t played the game in a while, it’s time to replenish your gold. Gold prices are still low, but after the release, you can expect prices to skyrocket – it’s the norm.

Anyone who is looking to profit from Tera and the Secrets and Shadows updates will find that the best way to make money is to:

  • Sell excess gold to players
  • Sell game accounts
  • Sell boosted game accounts with max level Ninjas and titles
  • Sell in-game items

Preparing for the new content is a must for boosting-sellers and gold-sellers. Demand will be high during the initial few months of the release, and players getting back into Tera will want to have all of the gold and items they need for the new dungeons. Accounts with high-quality items and gold will also sell for a lot, so start stocking up and make a profit off of Tera this week.

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