What’s New in World of Warcraft This September?

World of Warcraft is on a resurgence this fall, with Legion bringing the game back from the brink of death – according to some players. The new expansion is a lot of fun, and it helps players try and forget the Warlords of Draenor expansion, which wasn’t one of the best if we’re being honest.

But Legion has performed rather well, and the game is just ramping up.

There’s a lot to be excited about in this expansion, and players will be happy to know that there is a lot of new content in September that builds on the expansion and gives players a lot to do.

World of Warcraft Dragons of Nightmare

Emerald Nightmare Raid

Blizzard released the Emerald Nightmare on September 20, and it’s time for all raiders to join together and start to fight the Legion together in one of the most visually-appealing raids to date.But the entire raid won’t be opened until October 25. Blizzard decided to open up each three tiers for the raid finder. This can be broken as follows:

  1. 1. Tuesday, September 27: The mythic difficulty of the raid will open, and players using the raid finder can advance only in the first wing.
  2. 2. Tuesday, October 11: The raid finder wing 2 opens.
  3. 3. Tuesday, October 25: The raid finder wing 3 opens.

Players can access normal and heroic tiers of the raid right now.

elerethe renferal world of warcraft

What Awaits in the Emerald Dream?

Seven bosses await all players that are level 110, and the challenges that are faced ahead are:

  1. 1. Nythendra – Corrupted by the Nightmare, the former guardian is a skeleton of herself and attacking anyone in sight.
  2. 2. Elerethe Renferal – A former druid and shapeshifter lives in a world of fear, hatred and confusion.
  3. 3. Il’gynoth – A nightmarish horror that is a mass of corruption. Eyestalks and limbs await in this battle, as players delve into the true destruction of the world around them.
  4. 4. Dragons of Nightmare – For eons, the Emerald Dream was guarded by Ysera and her powerful dragons, but they, too have been corrupted.
  5. 5. Ursoc – A wild god from the corners of Grizzly Hills is back. While he was in his slumber, the ancient bear was corrupted and has woken up as one of the fiercest dangers that await in the Emerald Dream.
  6. 6. Cenarius – The father of the druids has been too weak to battle the corruption. He has turned into a dark force, setting Moonglade into a perpetual state of horror.
  7. 7. Xavius – The powerful mage has allowed Legion to invade Azeroth, and the true monstrosity that awaits will be a sign of the destruction of Azeroth as we know it.

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world of warcraft pvp

Legion PvP Season 1

The first season of Legion PvP is here. Seasonal rewards are on the table again, and rated arenas as well as prestige levels are here. If you haven’t been in the new PvP system yet, you’ll find that things are very different.

You’ll be able to level up your PvP, essentially allowing you to expand your power and abilities.

And there is no resilience, so you’ll be on a somewhat level playing field with other players when you first start out. I highly recommend leveling in battlegrounds first because the talents are very powerful.

Mythic Keystones

Mythic Keystones are here, too. These keystones will allow you to be able to enjoy the most difficult dungeons and raids available, but this isn’t for those folks who only use raid finder to enjoy high-end PvE.

Keystones are earned every week, and they allow for an increased difficulty and rewards.

Keystones affect dungeons and raids by modifying them. For example, non-bosses will have their damage boosted by 100% when they hit 30% health, making trash mobs extremely difficult to overcome.

world of warcraft brewfest

The Brew-haha of Brewfest Has Begun!

Brewfest is back, and it gives you a chance to gain valuable items while not being stuck in a raid or dungeon. Sure, you’ll need a group to be able to enter into Brewfest and actually get your trinket, but it’s something you and your friends can do.

Players can reenter Blackrock Depths to face off against Coren Direbrew.

You can face him in the dungeon finder, and there will be the two mounts everyone wants available this season: Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo.

Players will be able to acquire trinkets again, and there are a lot of different brews to enjoy. Quests are available, both standard quests and daily quests, that allow you to gain Brewfest Prize Tokens. These tokens can be brought to merchants and vendors all across the land and exchanged.

swift brewfest mount

What rewards await?

  • Mounts – Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo can both be acquired off of the body of Coren Direbrew.
  • Pets – A variety of pets are available, including a Wolpertinger, Pink Pachyderm and Stout Alemental.
  • Costumes and Fun Items – You can obtain powerful trinkets from Direbrew as well as his remote and a Brewfest stein. There are banners, sausage grills, brewpacks, pony kegs, keg pony and consumables available, too.

If you’re an achievement junkie, you’ll want to get in on this once-a-season event. You can even gain a title during your trials to be called the Brewmaster. A Brewmaster is a person who has done it all during Brewfest and will need to obtain six different achievements in an effort to earn their title.

As you can see, there’s a lot happening in Legion. Blizzard has also worked on class tuning in an effort to balance the scales this expansion, so no one class is truly dominant in PvE and PvP.

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