World of Warcraft 12th Year Anniversary and Black Friday Sale

World of Warcraft’s 12th Anniversary is here. If you remember playing Vanilla WoW or even Burning Crusades, you remember some of the best moments to ever take place in Azeroth. The game has changed, but it’s time to celebrate 12 years of the world’s best MMO.And what’s neat is that the 12th anniversary brings together a lot of goodies for players.

word of warcraft corgi

World of Warcraft Corgi Pup

12th Anniversary Items and Benefits

The 12th anniversary of World of Warcraft is ongoing. A gift package is waiting in all players’ mailboxes that log into the game between November 16 and November 30. If you have an active account, you can log in right now to enjoy:

  • 200 Timewarped Badges
  • A package to increase reputation and experience by 12% for 1 hour from kills
  • A “Letter from the Timewalkers,” which is a quest

Players will follow the quest to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Players can engage in daily quests at each respective city to earn additional badges.If you want to purchase the anniversary Corgi Pup, you’re in luck – it’s 200 badges. But, you’ll be able to buy four other items from previous anniversaries:

world of warcraft edwin vancleef

Edwin Vancleef costume

  • Celebration Wand – Gnoll: The wand turns players into a Gnoll and costs 25 badges. The wand has five charges.
  • Celebration Wand – Murloc: The wand turns players into a Murloc and costs 25 badges. The wand has five charges.
  • Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker: A five-charge Thunderfury is available for 50 badges.
  • Exquisite Costume Set: “Edwin VanCleef”: Turn into the iconic Edwin VanCleef with a 50-charge costume. This item costs 200 badges to purchase.

You’ll need to log into the game today if you want to start the daily quests and to accumulate enough Timewalker Badges to get your items. Of course, the Corgi Pup is the only item on the list that isn’t restricted with charges.

There are other items that you can use the badges to work towards, too:

  • Two different mounts
  • Seven different toys

New items will be added in Patch 7.1.5. that take Timewalker Badges, and this includes a new mount, two pets and two toys. The path will add Mists Timewalking items.

blizzard black friday sale

Blizzard Black Friday Sale

If you’re underwhelmed with the anniversary items, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a Black Friday sale with a lot of good deals. What deals can you expect this Black Friday?

  • Overwatch – Save 40% on Overwatch: Origins Edition.
  • World of Warcraft – Save 75% on the base game ($4.99) for all expansions through Draenor to play through level 100.
  • StarCraft II – Save 33% on Legacy of the Void ($19.99), 50% on Heart of the Swarm ($9.99) and 50% on Wings of Liberty ($9.99).
  • Heroes of the Storm – Save on in-game bundles. Legends of the Nexus Bundles is reduced by 53%. The Altered War Bundle is reduced by 87% to $9.99 and 50% on legendary skins and select heroes. The 360-day Stimpack is back, too.

Gold and account sellers for any games listed above, but especially World of Warcraft, will want to use these sales to boost accounts. You’ll find a lot of value in the accounts sold is the price of expansions, and since these prices are lowered, you’ll be able to make your money back easily.

Illidan’s Limited Edition Sculpture

Illidan is the most iconic foe in World of Warcraft. He brought the Burning Legion to life. Players spent countless time trying to defeat Illidan and stop the Burning Legion from taking over Azeroth.

You need to act fast to get this sculpture.

The original batch sold out, and they were just restocked a day ago. This colorful sculpture is made of polyresin and stands a staggering 24 inches tall. Blizzard’s Senior Sculptor Brain Fay created this masterpiece, and the sculptures are painted by the company’s Senior Illustrator Laurel D. Austin.

But don’t misunderstand, this limited-edition sculpture is expensive at $350.

You’ll need to get your hands on these quick before they sell out forever. The good news is that you’ll be able to sell this sculpture in the future for a ton more.

People are selling these items for a lot:

  • $467 – $550 on eBay

This is an instant return on investment. A lot of buyers are willing to pay for these statues, and once they’re out of stock, the price will go up even further.

Some new listings have this statue valued at $999. I’m not sure if they’ll sell for this price, but if they do, a person will make more than double their money back.

Ways to Make Even More Money on WoW

Legion revived the World of Warcraft player base, and it’s time to take advantage of the price increases and make some money while the demand exists. We know that demand starts to dwindle as the expansion nears the mid-point, so stop waiting and start making money.

We recommend:

  • Buy extra accounts, and sell them later. Boost the account, wait until the supply lowers, and sell the account at a premium. We’ve seen people buy an account, hold it and sell it for far more without putting any extra effort into the process.
  • Buy and resell limited edition items. Weta Workshop is one of the hottest shops for limited edition:
  • Sculptures
  • Props
  • Figurines

And Weta Workshop has a lot of World of Warcraft gear. These items include shirts, replica swords and props (many actual size), pins, armor, orc tooth, lion crest pendants and King Llane’s ring.

armour of king llane figure

Armour of King Llane 1:6 scale figure

These are high-end items, and they’re crafted with the utmost quality and precision. This shop has brought World of Warcraft to life, and it’s shocking to see the level of attention to detail that has been put into every item.

And if you don’t see something that you like, you need to check back often, as new items are added and removed quickly.

There are also a lot of cool items that aren’t from WoW, including movie items, such as items from the Hobbit that are rare and can be resold, too. I have seen people selling items from movies and games for twice the price they paid for them on Weta.


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