World of Warcraft New Artifact Appearance in Patch 7.2

World of Warcraft New Artifact Appearance in Patch 7.2

Blizzard has recently added a new patch 7.2 that allows eligible champions to obtain a specific artifact appearance. The artifact challenge appearance quest is a continuation of your Class Order campaign that requires you to take on a tough adversary.

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The requirements for the challenge:

  • Character must be at level 110
  • Acquired all 35 ranks for the Artifact weapon
  • Completed the questline to unlock four new traits

wow artifacts death knight

There are 7 different challenges available which are tailored to your class role. Each role’s challenge will vary slightly whether it’s healing a group of support npcs, tanking and keeping your group npcs from being killed, or straight dps to kill the boss. There’s no gear requirement, but you’re going to want to invest in getting the best gear you possibly can if you’re going to walk out of the encounter with a brand-new look for your weapon.

The encounter is free for the first time upon receiving the quest. You can purchase additional chances for the encounter with Nethershards. This form of currency is easily earned while farming under the shadow of the Sentinax and can be used at vendors (Warmage Kath’leen and Thaumaterge Vashreen) in Deliverance Point.

The Mage Tower is only active for three days before it is gone for good. Before attempting this, it is best to stock up on Nethershards first and then run the encounter repeatedly until you complete the solo quest that requires you ‘take care of a little unfinished business’.

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