World of Warcraft Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan Brings New Challenges and Rewards

Karazhan is back. Millions of World of Warcraft players reminisce about the endless hours they spent getting attuned for the original Karazhan raid – and endless hours running through the mansion in search of tier gear.

Don’t even get me started on the Opera Event.

Nightbane gave people nightmares, and the chess event brought a new aspect to the game that was just as awkward as it was fun.

Now, Karazhan has been brought back to life in Patch 7.1.

And it’s a mythic dungeon that is refreshingly difficult. If you ever played Blackrock Depths and spent hours in the forever-long dungeon, this is exactly what Karazhan, or Return to Karazhan, is all about.

Patch 7.1 Takes Center Stage

The patch is taking center stage. Players will notice how Blizzard is working diligently to meet the demands of players, and the first major patch since the expansion launched is pushing the player base into a whole new realm of fun and fantasy.

Exciting challenges await, and players will move further into their respective storylines as a result.

wow karazhan pvp

PvP Rewards Increased

I’m a huge PvP fan because I can jump into a battleground and enjoy the game for 20 minutes instead of getting sucked into hours of PvE. Now, player-versus-player combat has been revamped to be even more beneficial:

Artifact Power

Artifact Power has been offered since launch for PvP combat, but it wasn’t consistent. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy even more artifact power:

  • Skirmish Win: 25 or 100
  • Random BG Win: 200 or 400
  • 2v2 Win: 40 or 120
  • 3v3 Win: 60 or 180
  • Rated BG Win: 400 or 800

The high number is for the first win of the day and the remaining are for subsequent wins. And if you have Artifact Knowledge at level 10, these numbers are insanely higher, which means you’ll be able to keep up on your Artifact power at all times – even in PvP.

Gear and Weekly Bonus Gear

Every battleground and rated battleground will provide gear. Even losses will have a chance to offer a piece of gear. Winners will always receive one piece of gear for their efforts. The gear received has been increased so that it’s more aligned with the progression experienced in World Quests.

Weekly rewards for arena players have been changed so that the base item level progresses with ratings.

Gladiator and Elite appearances are offered, and the goal was to encourage players to participate. The team found that players were not playing to ensure that their ratings didn’t fall.

Now, players can receive gear between item levels 840 and 880, depending on their current ratings.

So, the game has become a lot more fun for PvPers.

Gold sellers will find that there is a market in PvP players because these players often don’t want to sit and grind for gold for hours on end. Like me, I don’t have four hours a day to stockpile gold for enchants, gems and other items.

Buying gold is a lot better than wasting hours a day to get all the extras I need for PvP and PvE.

wow karazhan

PvE Gets Major Additions

Return to Karazhan will provide players with a nostalgic experience initially, but everything changes as you move toward the end of the dungeon where there are a lot of changes awaiting the right player.

I won’t go into all the class changes and tweaks – there are a lot of them.

Leveling abilities have changed between level 1-10, and there are bonuses applied to make the experience easier.

You’ll also find:

  • Return to Alcaz Isle – a new world event
  • Rare Pets – found in Lich King raids
  • New World Quests – lots of great quests await

wow odin

Trial of Valor Raid

The Trial of Valor raid dungeon has opened, and this is a three-boss raid that ends the story of Stormhelm. Players will find that Odyn, Guarm and Helya await. The raid will open two weeks from now, and mythic and raid finder difficulties will open afterward.

Suramar Campaign Continues

The Suramar campaign will continue with new quests unlocking over a nine-week period. This will lead you into the entrance of Nighthold. The “Lockdown” quest will begin the quest chain, and this is a campaign that brings the Nightfallen insurrection story to life.

Broken Isles Adventure

Remember the Broken Isles? Of course, you do. You’ll need to go back here for cooking items, as a dinosaur invasion has led to the island being overrun by mobs that you need to kill to enhance your professions.

wow quick join

Quick Join Added

Have you ever wanted to join forces with friends quickly? You know just how difficult it can be, and with raid finder, many people have ditched the social aspect of WoW. A new tab has been added to your Social Tab to overcome this.

When you visit the Social Tab, you’ll also see the Quick Join tab.

You’ll be able to quickly join queues with all your friends or guildmates to enjoy content together. You won’t even need to ask if you can join, but they’ll be able to accept or deny your join request.

It’s a lot of fun, and it provides a way for players to stay connected in Azeroth and remember the good old times when guilds meant something.

As you can see, the gem of the patch for players will be Karazhan. You’ll need to be geared properly if you want to see the inside of the new dungeon, and this will require you to be at the top of your game.

An influx of gold sellers have hit the market, and you’ll find that gold is as low as $9.70 per 100,000 gold on certain servers.

So, you can sell your gold for some side income, or buy gold and stockpile it for the future when the market is less saturated. You can even buy gold and then pay for game time for far less than the monthly subscription.

As Legion progresses, we expect gold prices to rise dramatically.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy Patch 7.1 and make some money in the meantime.

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